Fundraising FAQs

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems with a booked event or missing material?
Please contact one of our fundraising agents at 1-888-232-4386 or email us directly at

Why do you require a 21-day advance booking?
We will provide you with fundraising materials to be distributed a few weeks before your event to help promote your fundraiser. In order to receive this material in advance, we need 21 days' advance booking before the material will be sent to the school.

What days are available to book a fundraising event?
Monday-Friday only from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

When should we receive our donation check?
You should expect your check in about 14 business days after your event.

When should we receive our promotion materials?
When you receive your confirmation email, you will have access to online tools to promote your fundraiser.

May I have my event scheduled for next week?
Unfortunately, we need at least a 21-day advance notice in order to schedule an event.

Is there a limit on the number of events we have within a month?
Yes, we only allow one fundraising event per month, per school or organization.

May I solicit or recruit participants on or about your premises on the day of my fundraiser to contribute their receipts to the fundraising event scheduled by my organization?
No, since most, if not all, of our guests are coming to Chuck E. Cheese's to enjoy a special once-in-a-lifetime family moment we ask that you respect their privacy and allow them to enjoy their visit free of distraction. Furthermore, we provide you with timely and ample materials to adequately conduct your recruiting prior to the date of the scheduled event.

Can my fundraising event be canceled by Chuck E. Cheese's if I fail to comply with the rules as stated?
Yes, we reserve the right to cancel a scheduled event, at any time, if we determine that an organization fails to comply with our fundraising rules.

What happens if my organization fails to deliver an IRS Form W-9?
We will not deliver a donation check to your organization until we receive a signed Form W-9. A copy of a Form W-9 was included in the confirmation email sent to you when you registered for the event and can also be found at

Whose information should be contained on the Form W-9 my organization submits?
The Form W-9 must contain the following information:

  1. 1. The precise name of your organization. This is important because we can only make 
  2.     the check payable to the entity identified on the Form W-9.
  3. 2. Check the appropriate box indicating the organization's entity type (e.g., corporation,
  4.     limited liability company, partnership, etc).
  5. 3. Indicate the appropriate "Exempt Payee Code" for your organization (see Form W-9's
  6.     instructions for a list of codes and definitions).

                For example, a Section 501(c)(3) organization would indicate "1" as its Exempt Payee Code. Note: Section 501(c)(3) organizations fall within the types of entities exempted from federal income taxation under Section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  1. 4. Complete the section for your organization's address.
  2. 5. PART I: Provide the organization's Taxpayer Identification Number (e.g., its employer 
  3.     identification number).
  4. 6. PART II: Signature.

Not Applicable to Non-Profit Fundraising

Can Chuck E. Cheese visit my school on the day of the event to promote our fundraiser?
Yes, as long as the school principal has given approval and the school is fewer than 20 miles from the location.

Is Chuck E. Cheese dressed when he arrives at the school?
Yes, on most occasions. He will be dressed and ready to go (with a Chuck E. Cheese's store escort), but he will also need you there at the time of arrival to help guide him through the school.

Who will receive the 15% check?
The check will be made out and sent directly to the school, with attention to the fundraising contact person. Please let the school know that the donation check will come to your attention.

May I call and change the date?
Yes, you can call up until 21 days before the event.

May I call and change Chuck E's time to visit the school if my principal doesn't agree with the time I chose?
Yes, you have up until 72 hours to call and make that change. The time must be between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Do you require an IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) from private schools?
Yes, as required by IRS Rules and Regulations, we require a Form W-9 from private schools.

Note, however, that we do not require a Form W-9 from Public schools and School Districts as the IRS generally treats public schools and their districts as government instrumentalities or agencies thereof.